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XLN 466G
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Well folks I have a new toy! This little beauty became mine on Sunday the first of February 2XLN 446G009 and this now makes me a three and a half Viva owner. I really feel that I've now got all I want. Three and a half Viva's! Who could ask for more. Before I start on how this came about etc. I do want to say a big thank you again to Joanne for letting me get my own way. (It was either let me have it or I'll sulk forever).

Okay...this is what happened. Are you sitting comfortably? The Astra died. It let me down one time to many and I lost faith in it. It's a shame because all the abuse I've given it over the 13 years we've owned it and it's only just recently started playing up. When I built my house extension I threw everything in the Astra, wood; bricks; rubble and it never complained. We also never spent much on it and it always sailed through the MOT. The only one it ever failed was the last one, two small holes wanted welding. Anyway I digress. I sold the Astra for scrap. I was telling Flod about this and he said if I really wanted another Viva as my daily runner he would sell me his HB estate. Joanne and I had already discussed this and we had come to the conclusion that another Viva was a no, no. (I had been offered an HC by Spud earlier). Anyway, after much debate and my big list of positives and no negatives she said okay.

I caught the train up to Floddy's, (which was very good value I might add. £10.90 from Hemel to Lichfield), and he said he would meet me at the station. I got off the train and scanned the car park for Flod's car and didn't see it so I started to hunt through my pockets for the mobile. Just then I heard a car horn and there was Floddy sitting in the 'Viva'. How could I miss a Viva in a small car park with only twenty cars in it? I didn't think about him collecting me in the Viva. Anyway I jumped in and she seemed to drive really well. Back at Flod's we had a cuppa then a look over her. She's fine and I think in much better nick than I was expecting. He had loaded up the boot with a stack of spares, which is lucky because I have no baby Viva spares. I've now got a full set of brake shoes, front and back; an air filter; a new water pump; 4 extra hub caps; 4 wheel embellishers; a spare Stromberg carb; 8 spark plugs; 2 oil filters; a distributor cap; a rotor arm; a coil; a starter solenoid; set of plug leads; 2 sets of points; 3 condensers; a resistor; 4 ltrs of peacock blue paint; a peacock blue touch-up tin; a Haynes manual; first aid kit; florescent jacket and last but not least my favorite, a flashing magnetic orange light to stick on the top if I ever break down. And if that lot wasn't enough I have a spare rear door and glass for the estate in very good condition.

It was as we were loading the door that I noticed a few snow flakes coming down. We went in for another cuppa and I did intend to stay a bit longer, but looking out of the kitchen window the snow was getting heavier. I said I wanted to get started so said my goodbyes.

Driving home I was surprised how nice she was to drive and the gear change was so easy compared to the GT. The brakes took a bit of getting use to. No servo and drums all round! Death is just a heatbeat away! The only other thing was the umphhhh! There wasn't any really, well compared to the GT, but I drove the 98 miles home without stopping and at a steady 55mph and she didn't miss a beat. I also drove through a snow blizzard around the top of Birmingham where we were down to about 30mph and she was great. (I was going to pop in to Paul Bottomley's house but the snow was to bad).

Now, as most of you know, the lads all call me "dangerous" as my nick name, because things always seem to go wrong for me. Today was no exception. She has a CD player in her and after just 11 tracks I went to turn the volume up a bit and pressed something and it went off and wouldn't start again. I'd only had her 5 minutes and I'd already broken her!

Back home I took Alex for a ride round town and she liked her, Joanne stayed at home but she did say she liked her and I've fixed the CD player, it was the in-line fuse. Then the snow came down and covered Snow 'k'Snow heaven!her completely, as you will see from the pictures. What a time to bring her down to her new home. She has started now, for the last to mornings, first time and hasn't missed a beat. God I love Viva's.

Now some of you will notice the big difference from the first picture to the snowy pictures....the Weller wheels. Unfortunatly Flod wanted those.

So there you have it, another chapter in my life of Viva's. I remember when Joanne first met some of my "anorak friends" and she said to me, "why have they all got more than one?". Well now I have three and a half and I bet there are not many people out there who can say that. (Go to XLN 466G gallery)