Back to square one!
SHW 263G
A 1968 Mk1 Viva GT.
Nightmare revisited!

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SHW 263G

SHW 263G came into my life in February of 2007. 'Spot', (aka Guy Turner), from the Viva Outlaws, had received an e-mail from a bloke in Bristol who said that he was looking to sell a 1968 Mk1 GT. He had told Spot that it was one owner from new and he had the full service history as well. He said that he didn't think the shell could be saved but said everything was there, so you could re-shell and you'd have yourself a nice tidy GT. I wasn't really looking for another car at the time but a single owner from new GT doesn't come up that often these days, if ever. Now how do I tell Joanne I want another GT when DHR wasn't even finished? This is where my true nature came to the fore and showed what a conniving, devious person I can be.

I was at work and old Ron who sits behind me said "I dare you to mail Jo and tell her you're going to buy another GT". I told him that as I was the man of the house, if I wanted another GT, I'd have one and that's the end of the matter. So I mailed Jo and said I'd found her the perfect Valentine's present, a very rare one owner GT and I was going to get it for her. Well she mailed me straight back and just said; "in you're dreams". Oh how Ron laughed. But you see I'm made of stronger stuff and didn't just give up, I can creep with the best of them. When I got home that night Joanne had made me a cuppa as usual, (see I told you I was boss), and we were chatting about our days as usual when she brought upMy first picture of her! the subject of the GT. She said "how much is it?", so I said "the bloke wants £500 for it". To my surprise she said "is that all". This immediately got my attention and I told her I wouldn't pay more than £250 for it as it was in bad condition and it was so far away I didn't know whether I could be bothered to go and look at it. (I can also lie with the best of them). Joanne then came out with an amazing statement; "don't you want it just for spares then". Well I nearly fell off the chair. Was Joanne saying I could spend £250 on spares? I played it so cool you could have frozen yogurt on me...I said "Oh I don't know, I'll think about it". I went upstairs to change into my garage gear and punched the air with delight. I was going to buy another Mk1 GT. The next day I arrange to go and look at the car the following weekend with Edd, who was going to buy it if I didn't. Needless to say I bought it and Edd towed it home for me.

Looking at Joanne's face when I got SHW home I think she had imagined something a little more.......what can I say.......roadworthy. She couldn't believe I could get so excited by, (her words now), "a pile of rusting junk". Even showing her the service history, the original invoices and the little service book didn't convince her I'd got a bargain. (One of the early invoices had the postage stamp stuck to the bottom of it.....if you can remember that you're old). I showed her how complete the interior was, including the centre console but she wouldn't be convinced. Anyway I told her that it was her Valentine's present and that she should consider herself lucky to have such a caring husband. I asked her, "How many of your friends were given a As she was before towing her for Valentines day"? So that's the story of how I became the owner of two Mk1 Viva GT's.

The continuing story of SHW...........She's come in very handy already. Within weeks of her arrival I've nicked three sump bolts, the distributor, one badge, the rear light covers, the flywheel and other assorted bits. Now I said I wasn't going to do this but needs must to get DHR going.

I've also had a chance to have a good look over her and I've had Spot and Edd do the same and we all agree her existing shell could probably be saved. The down side to this is that Joanne has said I can't lavish money on her as I did with DHR, so it would need to be all my own work. So she'll be on the road in 2020!