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Here are some other Viva related sites that might be of interest to you;

Viva Outlaws - Viva Outlaws Club is mainly for modified Viva owners. Cars range from tuned GT's to V8 and V6 cars and also modern engine conversions. They hold the Viva GT register and can help with most types of Viva inquireries.

Viva Drivers Club - The Drivers Club caters for all models of the Viva range and arrange loads of shows each year. If you need show information have a look at their site.

Steve Warner's Website - Steve Warner's website is a personal site with pictures and information on his cars.

Paul Bottomley's Website - Paul's site is similar to mine in as much as he keeps a kind of diary of events. (His site was running first but that doesn't mean to say I stole his idea, I just had the same idea after reading his site). There are stacks of pictures and information on there of all things Viva, well worth a look.

Gregor Marshall's Website - A very good site this with pictures and detailed information on how Gregor is doing in his racing career.

Gerry Marshall Website - A tribute site to the great man himself. It is already well worth a read with the promise of more to come.

Mark Tate's Website - Another personal site with particular information on the 'Viva X14'. If you didn't know there was such a thing, (I didn't), you'd better take a look.

Norwegian Vauxhall Site - A lot of this site is obviously in Norwegian so don't be surprised if you can't understand some of it. Unlike us English xenophobes, Terry and friends do translate some pages for us uneducated people. Still well worth a look even if only for the pictures.

VBOA Website - The Vauxhall Bedford Opel Assosiation's site which again is well worth a read, particularly if your passion for Vauxhall's is wider than just the Viva.

Viva Owners Club - The Owners Club site has plenty of information and also includes a very good forum.

Droop Snoot Group - A very professional site with loads of information. Also links on the site to the Snoot forum which has a sales and technical section etc.

Red Victor One - Obviously not a Viva but the next best thing, a Victor. Think of it as the Viva's big brother. Well this car is certainly big! Has the record of being the World's faster street legal pump gas car. It has only done a 7.67 quarter of a mile (189m.p.h) so something to aim for with your own car! Check out 'Frosty TV'.

See and hear Red Victor One - Had to put this link in because if you haven't seen it it's well worth watching.