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I'll leave the last month's news on here then achieve it into 'Old latest News'. You will need to read from the bottom up for it to make any sense. Don't forget to read last months exciting episode's, these can be found in 'Old Latest News'!

I've also added 'hotspots' to the small pictures here as I know most of you are old and the eyesight isn't what it was. Just click on the picture when the cursor changes and a slightly larger picture will appear in a separate window.

.October 2018.....Where to start? Its been a long time since I last posted and I apologise. A lot of things have happened this year, most won't be of interest to you but here are the headlines.

Firstly I was getting very, very fed up at work. By mid year I really was on a downer. Luckily I have a very understanding wife who has let me take early retirement. I had a very good pension from one of my old jobs so it could be done. All that was needed was me to finish the garage so all the stuff could come up and all the cars could be together at last. The garage was mostly completed in August so the Hemel house could go on the market and it sold straight away. I retired 6 weeks ago now and I feel wonderful and free, like a big weight has been lifted from me. All the stuff came up, (more on that to be posted later), and it was just dumped in the new garage. I can't really find anything at the time of writing but car work is still some way off. The house is nowhere near finished but it is coming on faster now. Luckily for me I still 'sort of' work for the school doing the one part of my job I enjoyed and that's being the archivist, so I even get a small income from that.

As you all may know this year was also the 50th anniversary of the Viva GT. This was celebrated at the National Rally at Market Harborough. We had a wonderful time and the record for the number of GT's together in the same place was broken twice over. (Again you can read more about that here).

I do now have another interest and that is barn owls. Bit of an unusual one I know but here's the quick version. When we first bought the house up here we saw two barn owls hunting in the field behind our house. I'd watch them most nights and became fasinated. I found out they were getting increasingly rare and they showed you how to build a nest box. I had some spare wood from the sun room roof I was building so I made this nest box. It is massive! I then realised I needed to get it into the tree. In the end there were 4 adults needed to do it and a rope and tackle. Anyway to cut a long story short, in the first year it was up I had Jackdaws nesting in it. I was told that in October I needed to clear out the box so I climbed the tree. I opened the flap which lets you clear the base out and saw two long white feathers on the floor of the box. I leaned in closer to have a look and a bloody great barn owl was staring straight at me. I don't know who was more frightened, me or him. (Thinking about it I do, it was me). He started flapping his wings, I fell backward, luckily for me onto a large branch and he flew out of the main entrance of the box. Joanne was shouting at me from the ground and pointing to the sky saying look there's an owl. How the bloody hell could I look? Then she started laughing when she saw me dangling from the tree. (A man at work who is allowed to ring birds had told me that I had to be careful of the owls as they would go for my eyes if they felt threatened. All I could think of was to close my eyes!). I can now report at the time of writing I have two barn owls in my nest box and I sit and watch them most nights at dusk. Hopefully they will stay and there may be the patter of tiny feet around April, May time next year.Owls

That's all for now.

For this years move to Lincolnshire and the clear out of the garage click here.



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